Android Studio: /dev/kvm device permission denied


  Android Studio 报 Android Studio: /dev/kvm device permission denied 错误。



  As mentioned in the comments, starting with Ubuntu 18.04 and Linux Mint Tara you need to first

sudo apt install qemu-kvm.

To check the ownership of /dev/kvm use

ls -al /dev/kvm

The user was root, the group kvm. To check which users are in the kvm group, use

grep kvm /etc/group

This returned


on my system: as there is nothing rightwards of the final :, there are no users in the kvm group.
To add the user yourname to the kvm group, you could use

sudo adduser yourname kvm

which adds the user to the group, and check once again with grep kvm /etc/group.

As mentioned by @Knossos, you might want to log out and back in (or restart), for the permissions to take effect.